SI.NO Board of Research consists of Position Name of the Members
1 Chairman - Vice-Chancellor
2 Member Secretary - Director, Research Studies
3 Ex-Officio Members - Director of Legal Studies
- Director of P.G Courses, TNDALU
- Director of U.G Courses, TNDALU
4 Three HODs
(nominated by Vice-Chancellor by seniority)
One HOD - from Law Prof.(Dr) R. Revathi,
Professor, TNDALU.
One HOD - from Inter-Disciplinary Studies Dr.S.K.Ramani,
Associate Professor &
HoD i/c, Department of Inter- ,
Disciplinary Studies, TNDALU
One HOD Dr.J. Mahalakshmi,
Associate professor &HoD,
Department of Labour Law and
Administrative Law, TNDALU
5 One Professor from Law: - Prof.(Dr) V. Balaji, Professor&
Dean of Faculties, TNDALU
6 Two Associate Professors
(who are recognized as Guides and not being HOD shall be members on basis by seniority)
One from Inter-Disciplinary Studies No eligible Associate Professors
- No eligible Associate Professors
7 Three outside experts
(not below the rank of a
Professor from Law shall be external members to be
nominated by the Vice-
Chancellor on the recommendation of a panel of
experts from the Director of Research Studies)
Prof.(Dr.) K.C. Sunny, Vice-
Chancellor, The National
University of Advanced Legal
Studies (NUALS), NUALS
Campus, HMT Colony P.O.,
Kalamassery, Ernakulam -
Prof.(Dr) S. Sivakumar,
Professor, the Indian Law
Institute, Opp. Supreme Court of
India, New Delhi
Prof.(Dr) S. Shanthakumar,
Director, Gujarat National Law University, Gandhi Nagar,
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